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SeriPort.rar - Serial Port Control Java Example,2012-08-27 00:44:32,下载3次
StickyNotes.zip - Android Stick Notes Source Code,2012-08-27 00:43:06,下载8次
libndef-1.1.3.zip - LibNFC Stack Source Code,2012-08-27 00:39:35,下载7次
serialcomm.rar - Java Serial Port Example,2012-08-27 00:38:05,下载2次
NfcChat_v1.3.1.zip - Android Code Sample for NFC Chat,2012-08-27 00:36:53,下载24次
Android_2.3.4_GUI_PSD_v1.psd.zip - Photoshop Android GUI,2012-08-27 00:31:44,下载7次
Ipcontrol_x10.rar - This document is a user manual related to ip based X10 control,2011-01-09 08:28:59,下载4次
ARM_book.rar - this ebook is about C# programming,2011-01-09 08:26:43,下载1次
X10_PIC.rar - Pic X10 sample project. ,2011-01-09 08:13:45,下载6次
X10Manual.rar - X10 technology manual,2010-01-21 05:14:30,下载22次
PicApplicationX10.rar - PIC X 10 Apllication Note,2010-01-21 05:08:52,下载3次
blue_screen_sch.rar - Blue Screen sch tft lcd module drawing,2010-01-21 05:00:28,下载5次
LPC2377_78.rar - LPC2378 usefull information,2010-01-21 04:57:13,下载4次
EMV.rar - EMV principles you can use it as a good reference,2009-04-04 06:49:33,下载37次
relaydrv.rar - Relay driving basics you can use it as a good reference,2009-04-04 06:46:51,下载2次
rf_design_cc1101.rar - cc1102 design example you can use it as a good reference,2009-04-04 06:45:43,下载3次
Lamp_dimmer_PIC12C508_DS40171A.rar - Lamp Dimmer project you can use it as a good reference,2009-04-04 06:43:54,下载14次
AC-Controller.zip - AC Controller you can use it as a good reference,2009-04-04 06:39:00,下载2次
tc_code.zip - That s how the temperature monitor/controller came to be. It was an obvious task for a small processor and I ve always wanted to test the Dallas temperature sensors.,2009-03-29 06:04:32,下载1次
yampp3_nw_020106.zip - Yet Another MP3 Player source code. It can be usefull as reference source for any project.,2009-03-29 06:02:56,下载2次
dvm_src.zip - Video-DVM is a very cheap DVM that shows how an output as complex as a videocomposite signal can be generated entirely in software: two I/O pins and three resistors are all the hardware required. Connected to any TV set it displays voltages, included max and min peaks, using both giant digits and an analog bar-display . A serial data output for computer data logging is provided, too. ,2009-03-29 05:55:54,下载2次
TINY_PLANET_software.zip - Tiny Planet is small device connected to a GSM cell phone. When the mobile receives a predefined SMS (text message), like "Activate burglar alarm" or "Start backup pump", the circuit automatically recognizes it as a command, and switches the output port accordingly. Besides switching the port on or off, the user can pulse it for a short period (e.g. 鈥淩eboot remote server鈥?. ,2009-03-29 05:54:07,下载10次
minidds.rar - The software is written in assembler, as it is very short and it need the speed in the main loop. This is the heart of the synth. To be precise, it s in the 7 lines of assembler that makes up the main loop. The rest of the code is the wavetables and the communication code.,2009-03-29 05:51:18,下载2次

stm32 smartcard.zip - stm32 smartcard调试--不用st8024 - artmcu的专栏 - CSDN博客
STM32F10x_smartcard_FW_V3.1.0.rar - stm32 智能卡相关的固件程序 stm32 智能卡相关的固件程序
ccid-card-reader-base-on-stm32.rar - usb hid 读卡器 ccid读卡器 基于STM32开发的13.56M读卡器
Smartcard.rar - st官方提供的stm32上的smartcard程序,以及说明资料
TDA8035-Test.zip - 基于TDA8035 的ISO7816-3接口代码
STM32F103-minisystem-schematic-pcb.rar - 32位arm芯片stm32f103芯片最小系统,采用单面板设计和布置,有原理图和PCB,适合自己手工制作,顶级设计,值得拥有
STM32F103RB.rar - STM32F103开发例程,原理图和PCB图,设计文档和软件参考。
51-LM2576-DC-DC.zip - 用单片机控制LM2576实现的可控电源,电路精简,容易制作,个人感觉不错的
lm2576Plm317_Project.rar - 辅助电源lm2576+lm317原理图与PCB,用于调节输出电流2018注册送白菜网
SIM800C-模块电路原理图 PCB 封装.zip - 基于stm32f103的SIM800C的PCB 封装,可直接使用,易移植
PL2303-LM2576.zip - PL2302电路原理图及绘制好的PCB文件,可以直接使用
MDB协议自动售货机主板模拟器.rar - MDB协议售货机小主板是由上海威佛微电子有限公司设计并制造,主要是为从事售货机MDB协议和DEX接口设计的用户,或者做自动售货机管理系统,自助售货移动支付系统设计的用户提供一种简易,方面的测试2018注册送体验金的娱乐平台。
PCB_LIB.zip - 自己画的ALTIUM PCB库,测试过都可以用!!ENC28J60库,TF_card库,USB-A库,RJ45库,USB-SQUARE库,晶振库
QuickUSB_IntLib.zip - altium Designer格式的几种USB封装库分享
ATK-AS608.rar - STM32 ATK-AS608指纹识别模块
su-jv-shou-tao.rar - 数据手套STM32开发PCB、敏感三轴加速度,手指弯曲,ISP下载、串口输出。
PCB.rar - stm32的最小系统原理图 基于STM32F103VBT6的最小系统板
ALIENTEK-MiniSTM32-sch.rar - ALIENTEK MiniSTM32 的原理图,可以配套参考我上传的例程使用。
myCrazyfile_PCB.rar - crazyflie 四轴飞行器全套 PCB 工程文件
crazyflie_code.rar - crazyflie 四轴飞行器 全套源码