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linecrosscircle.zip - 直线,交叉和圆形陈列三种情况的波束形成。,2010-10-29 15:18:19,下载15次
intant.zip - 适合初学者学习的智能天线波束成形的MATLAB仿真程序,2010-10-29 10:31:07,下载90次

DataRecovery.rar - 利用过采样技术,适用于FPGA对百兆左右的突发数据进行恢复
xapp224datarecovery.rar - Data recovery allows a receiver to extract embedded clock data from an incoming data stream. The receiver usually extracts the data from the incoming clock/data stream and then moves this data into a separate clock domain. Sometimes, the receiver’s clock is also used for onward data transmission. The circuit described in this application note provides a partial solution at data rates up to 160 Mb/s in a Virtex™ -E -7 device and a Spartan™ -IIE -6 device, up to 320 Mb/s for a Spartan-3 -4 device, and up to 420Mb/s in a Virtex-II -5 device or a Virtex-II Pro -6 device. The solution is partial in the sense that no clock is actually recovered, but the data arriving is fully extracted. The speed is limited by the maximum frequency that can be accepted by the Data Locked Loop (DLL), in a mode where the DLL is capable of providing both a new clock, and another clock shifted by 90 degrees.
fsm.rar - Finished state machine and Clock data recovery
FPGA_bit_clock_data_recovery.rar - 基于FPGA的新型数据位同步时钟提取(CDR)实现方法
GXIV_SIBoard_1Ch_Multi_Prbs_155Mbps_Clock_Recovery - Altera官方网站提供的有关过采样和数据恢复的例程,非常难得的。
uvm-1.1d.tar.gz - UVM验证2018注册送体验金的娱乐平台需要的UVM库。最新版本为UVM1.1d。