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pso4.rar - Here the overshoot level of load voltage is 240 kV and response is settled at 0.10 sec, at the mean time the overshoot value of STATCOM current is 485 A and settled time is 0.14 sec respectively. When compared to PI controller response, the overshoot value of load voltage is reduced 260 kV to 150 kV and it reaches the steady state 0.12 sec to 0.10 sec respectively,2016-11-07 18:37:44,下载4次
MDTandMU.rar - In SMIB system, two RL series load is connected as parallel in receiving end and the three phase circuit breaker is connected in between two RL load,2016-11-07 18:35:26,下载2次
ggg.rar - the real power and reactive power waveform of STATCOM device with PI controller. The system settles down depending upon the gain values of PI controller. Due to the higher values of gain in PI controller, it causes peak overshoot in waveform at initial condition,2016-11-07 18:34:12,下载11次
fddoc.rar - In this work an attempt is made to develop a STATCOM controller with MPC and the performance is analyzed by using MPC toolbox in MATLAB/Simulink,2016-11-07 18:33:23,下载51次
rre.rar - From these graph, MPC can be expressed as equation, when normal model is predicted by control horizon and prediction horizon method and shows predicted output,2016-11-07 18:32:30,下载1次
untitled6.rar - A dynamic system model is used in order to forecast the controlled variables. The regulator variables variation to predict the response of system at each time horizon is allowed by linear vector function,2016-11-07 18:31:47,下载2次
eew.rar - Model predictive controller (MPC) concept is the most widely used of all modern advanced control technique in many control application. MPC has four important tuning parameters: the weight matrix Λ, the output weight matrix Γ, the prediction horizon P and the control horizon M. The control horizon M is the number of MV moves that MPC calculates at each sampling time to remove the current prediction error,2016-11-07 18:30:18,下载16次
reactivewww.rar - Model predictive controller (MPC) concept is the most widely used of all modern advanced control technique in many control application. MPC has four important tuning parameters: the weight matrix Λ, the output weight matrix Γ, the prediction horizon P and the control horizon M. The control horizon M is the number of MV moves that MPC calculates at each sampling time to remove the current prediction error,2016-11-07 18:27:37,下载6次
boost-pfc.rar - Mamdani method is used in this work and it is computationally proficient and more compact. The two inputs and one output method is available in two rule system. Here the inputs are X1 and X2 then output is represented as Y. In this system,2016-11-07 18:25:49,下载1次
Desktop.rar - The most possible scenarios of system voltage collapse are investigated at different times of the study perio,2015-01-18 23:56:11,下载5次 - The load-flow analysis, implemented for both voltage regulation and voltage stability analysis, is performed by using the forward/ backward sweep method. The secant predictor technique is developed for predicting the node voltages which are then corrected using the load flow solver. Three models of the PV interface,2015-01-18 23:55:05,下载17次
1525.rar - Assessment of reactive power contribution of photovoltaic energy systems on voltage profile and stability of distribution systems,2015-01-18 23:52:19,下载2次
cuckooMain.rar - Therefore, the Z-source inverter can buck and boost voltage to a desired output voltage that is greater than the available dc bus voltage,2015-01-18 23:46:55,下载19次
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MPPT-fakhte-amir.rar - It can be easily seen the above analysis that the shootthrough duty ratio is always constant. This can be reconfirmed a different perspective below,2015-01-18 23:44:41,下载15次
nemoonemesal.rar - The basic point is to get the maximum B while keeping it constant all the time. The upper and lower envelope curves are periodical and are three times the output frequency.,2015-01-18 23:43:36,下载1次
untitled.rar - In order to reduce the volume and cost of the Z-source network, we need to eliminate the low-frequency current ripple by using a constant shoot-through duty ratio,2015-01-18 23:42:34,下载6次
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Untitled.rar - The eight voltage vectors U0 - U7 correspond to the possible states of the inverter (Fig. 2.13). Each of these states can be composed by a different equivalent electrical circuit. In Fig 2.19 the circuit for the vector U1 is presented.,2014-07-16 19:33:20,下载4次
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