6jo42ggi 在 2020-07-14 13:32:41 上传
说明:Dig gold VC game source code, never played this game, I don't know.But the source code is complete, can run successfully compiled in VC 6.0, the digging gold game interface effect as shown in the demo screenshot.
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说明:VC remote shutdown example source code, support WinNT/wINDOWN2000 / WINDOWS xp remote shutdown function, can set a custom message when shutdown, delay shutdown time, etc.Use when you need to specify the remote host IP, user name and password, need administrator privileges.
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说明:VC get CPU hardware information, will get the CPU frequency, type, the information such as ID number, is an example of a class, you can use this class in VC need to detect and display the CPU module of relevant hardware information.
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说明:C gradient text scrolling, movie opening effect on VC window caption scrolling, scroll up, can be seen form the edge of the contact with the text part has a gradient effect, text scroll up speed is adjustable, specific see screenshot demonstration effect.
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说明:VC of the BMP images the example code, the combining bitmap, merge multiple image as a BMP image, simple example of VC image processing, and with the blur effect, learning VC image may refer to the example of mixed programming.
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说明:HTML 5 Canvas helix, curve drawing as an example, with 3 d animation effects, by setting different parameters of XY, can generate a variety of 3 d curve graph, through this example, you can fully understand the various skills of Canvas drawing method, small details, see the code.
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说明:HTML 5 click to enlarge images show the special effects, the mouse on the picture, displays text description, if click on the picture, is no refresh the current page, according to enlarge images Lightbox pictures showed similar results.This code can be set in the click directly display the original image, if the move to below the IE browser error, smart judge whether the scroll bar of the window close to the bottom of the page.
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说明:HTML 5 tower defense game, the game description: description: each tower can be upgraded to level 3, the price of the upgrade is the same as the building itself, is the half of the total. Sell.
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说明:CSS 3 image list 3 d rotating effect, by the jquery CSS 3 common implementation of HTML 5 pictures switching effect, the 3 d spin like electric fan rotates the 3 d effect, click on the small round button below, the bulk of the rotary switch at the top of the picture is, similar to the thumbnail switching effect as a group.
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说明:Based on the focus of the HTML 5 pictures 3 d rotation figure code, HTML 5 pictures to flip the switch, turn around, a bit of a 3 d style, HTML/CSS 3 and JS common implementation, flow smoothly, and images take four switch example, available on the web page as a focal point figure, image display or slide specific code to use.
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说明:HTML 5 poker - 21 points a game of poker, there are many kinds of writing in this game, but now it seems to be very popular, with HTML 5 write blackjack Texas poker game, also have the other flavour oh, especially the animation effects as computer version, learning to write web game, don't miss this example.
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说明:Nine different animation style most of mouse hover effects, a range of implementation of the mouse hover effects, icon on mouseover effect, a total of nine different style of animation, including your mouse on the icon, will see different hover animation effects, suitable for mobile application development, mobile phone effect is particularly good, test, please use the chrome or firefox.
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说明:HTML 5 commonly used interface UI controls Flat - UI - master sample code, mainly including some check boxes, radio buttons, progress bar, a drop-down list, prompt box, dynamic Tag, UI scroll effects, round horn button, text box fillet of many commonly used web and mobile devices such as element, at present the UI interface controls has been widely used in various terminals on the browser.
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说明:HTML 5 download website multilevel menu effects demo material, contains the complete code files, based on CSS 3 / HTML 5 implementation menu effects together, a total of five menu demonstration effect, each are not identical, but the style is roughly same, have a friend need to HTML 5 multistage wind page navigation menu, downloadable reference these code examples abroad, oh.
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说明:CSS 3 circular focus effects, the thumbnail is round, but under the IE is not rounded corners, because CCS3 currently does not support IE 9 the following browsers.This photo effects is very beautiful, can be widely used in mobile devices, according to browse or test under the Chrome or firefox.
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说明:CSS 3 beginning of film text/HTML 5 dynamic effects, compatibility, compatible with firefox browser chrmoe etc.The beginning of the movie based on it technology of text effects by the common close, by fuzzy variable xi resembles the style display text, in foreign films, the effect is very common, use it can simulate the effect.
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说明:Ten more concise and practical CSS 3 navigation menu, all based on the range of technology, looks pretty simple navigation effect, not fancy, is particularly suited to learn CSS 3 technology, beginners reference.
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说明:Small QQ space music player code, QQ space background music player TO BBS BBS player V2.0, features:
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说明:Delphi style LED countdown timer, like LCD electronic display style countdown clock, after start the countdown, the demonstration effect, such as cut here, quite beautiful.
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说明:Multi-function alarm clock (countdown, automatic shutdown, etc.), Delphi, a functional Delphi clock helper applications, including source code, can set up automatic shutdown, the countdown and news alerts and open applications, and so on.Support the right-click menu form aspect, tray icon, etc.
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说明:RowCounter is a line of code written by Delphi statistical tools, can be used for statistical Delphi, BCB engineering and engineering group, VB project all code file number of rows, and the results can be output as text or export to Excel table, you only need to select a project or project group file!
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说明:Delphi containing various scanning probe network resources, have friends HackScaner originally uploaded, but lack of multiple files cannot be normal compilation, filling now.Features include: port scanning, sharing, SQL, address detection, network scan tool sets, basic Settings, and so on, there are a number of functions are practical, with complete source code.
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说明:Delphi video monitoring system, complete source code in the Unit directory, use the controls in THKVideoWindow directory, interface in the SDK directory.Interface completely imitate hikvision;Support throughout the video, does not support video alarm linkage;Another video compression, video and preview: each channel image compression, video and preview at the same time.This system can support 16 audio signals collected at the same time;
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说明:The mouse to click the transformation background, super beautiful hovering show shadows of CSS navigation effects, pure CSS code, very beautiful delicate, dedicated to friends who like CSS front end design.At the same time, through this code you will more understand some small CSS programming skills, such as define menu every hover state, this is the key part to realize shadow stereoscopic menu.
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说明:Simple web video player material source, adjustable size, quiet, full screen, it's convenient, call interface screenshots as shown in the above effect.
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6qz48xkd 在 2020-07-14 13:17:53 上传
说明:Web TreeView Js Tree menu code set, containing the TreeView user guide (manual), including static Tree, and Ajax Tree menu, in addition to version XML storage and dynamic database access version of the Tree control menu, the Tree contains arguably most web pages use control menu, in the form of capture is just one of, the inside of the document can help you use the TreeView quickly.
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说明:Special effects materials Flash flip book animation, temporarily does not include the Flash source files, this is a web page that is displayed on the effect of Flash animation, very lifelike flip effect, can be used in the Flash photo album, photo focus figure display, special effects, bent demo screenshot as shown in the above.
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说明:Android at the top of the navigation effect, effect of Android imitation QQ window at the top of the navigation bar, making Android software UI when used, annotation in quite a lot.Save specific display content, of course, here you can also use other components, like ViewFlipper ViewAnimator etc., so that you can switch between two view when an animation effects, make an interface to switch between more vivid, if don't want to write, also can add a Handler to the TravelView parameters, when initView new a Handler in the form of parameters passed in the past, at the same time in TravelView coverRun, wrap it with the Handler will perform onTravel method.
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6qz48xkd 在 2020-07-14 13:14:58 上传
说明:Android music Player Player source code, high imitation meters mic. Geniusmic keystore password.Including full Chinese annotation, learning android music player to write a good example.The android environment can be recompiled.
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6qz48xkd 在 2020-07-14 13:13:59 上传
说明:Android music player - see music player source code, a run on the Android system of music and video player, the interface is beautiful, temporarily without test environment, there is no catch figure oh, sorry.
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